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That Dave Long Show!

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Consulting, Coffee, Commiserating and Counsel

Dave has 30 years of leading, communicating, preaching, discipling and evangelism experience to offer you. If you serve God, you are probably inundated with emails for programs, study guides and consulting services that promise radical success, growth or even fundraising. But you're too good a steward of God's resources and you know it might not make a difference anyways.  You don't want to pay thousands of dollars so some "consultant" in khakis- who knows NOTHING about you or your organization- can tell you what a terrible job you're doing, or how you need to do "more" for the Lord. You need a friend who will listen to you whine and help you make some tough decisions or simply figure things out for now. There's too much loneliness in leadership and we're all (hopefully) a bit jaded by all the cheesy, non-Jesus-y stuff that's out there. Let me help you. I'm building a team of dedicated investors who are tired of churches failing and pastors being abused in the process--(so your cost doesn't have to be a big issue). We want to encourage, help and come alongside you in your efforts for the Gospel. CONTACT ME to set something up!

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Let me help you in a couple ways. First, listen/download/enjoy my music and my stable of artists for FREE here and on all the major streaming services. I'm passionate about making music for people who don't really like what passes for "Christian music" these days. This music doesn't sound like all the corporate sameness that dominates churches, the radio and all the music streaming services. This music sounds like the kinda music YOU like and you want to introduce to your believing and seeking friends. Secondly, come see me LIVE and in person OR I'll come to your church, special event, your home, a shelter, a treatment center, the pit across from the abandoned Arby's, anywhere and I will play and perform awesome music and I will lead people to a first-time commitment to Jesus or back towards a deeper faith in Him. You and I just want people to know about Jesus and to hear about Him with passion, excellence and creativity. LISTEN online HERE or click the button to CONTACT me and set something up!



I can simply serve you by filling in on a Sunday or we can dream together and come up with something really special to help mobilize, inspire or wake up your church or organization. I excel at challenging and inspiring believers and I love leading people to Christ. You're here, so you know I'm funny, I'm passionate and I LIVE OUT what I'm asking you and others to do for Christ! Contact me so we can work together and I can help you inspire your people!

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